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Pokemon Crystal Double Nuzlocke Challenge


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Reply miizj, May 9th, 2014, 6:11 pm

This comic already has so many pokespe references, so i guess one more it's okay :P

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Reply Whip the Rabbit, May 9th, 2014, 7:42 pm

Those Rockets are /screwed/. Skarmory is going to mop them up. >=D

Reply Blaziken64 (Guest), May 9th, 2014, 8:23 pm

When does Falkner get a Skarmory?

Reply thegreatawsum1, May 10th, 2014, 12:54 am

I thought it was Gold in disguise for a second! XD
(it's the hair)

Reply Lady Darkrina, May 10th, 2014, 1:46 am

@thegreatawsum1: Ha ha ha yeah, I totally thought it was Gold there as well too.

Reply Reeves (Guest), May 10th, 2014, 9:27 pm

The skarmory and Faulkner being a cop is a reference to the pokemon adventures version of himself.

Reply InTheForest, May 11th, 2014, 10:02 am

yay PokeSpe References! I remember that! Did Lads help Falkner catch Skarmory too?

Reply Reeves (Guest), May 14th, 2014, 5:23 pm

@InTheForest: Yup, he used his sunkern Sunbo.

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